Lambert Schlechter - one day I will write a poem

Wild flowers in Little Swiss of Luxembourg

Lambert Schlechter is an author, poet, and retired teacher in Luxembourg.

There was a holiday summer event in July. It was a very nice night garden party. I noticed that someone was looking toward us. It was him. (Among nearly 100 people, I was probably the only one from the Far East.)

I was a little tipsy. So, I talked to him in bad Luxembourgish, “What do you do in life?” “I was a school principal,” he answered. “Ah, I thought you are an artist.” “No… maybe, a little. A little.” This was what I understood.

Two months later, I realized that he is a well-known author. After coming back from his daughter’s home, I opened the book ― the book I picked up from her bookshelf: one day I will write a poem (translated from French by Anne-Marie Reuter. Luxembourg: Black Fountain Press, 2018).

To my surprise, I found something very Japanese (Page 71). So, I would like to share his poem with you.

If you find a good doctor living nearby, you feel safe with her. If you encounter somebody knowledgeable like him, you feel rich in life.


after a break of thirty-nine months
I pick up again the sheets of Sei Shōnagon

and I leaf through them slowly, delighted, pensive
drinking two, three cups of coffee, smoking three,
four cigarettes

subtle notations of the year thousand
what she sees, what she thinks, what she feels

and the centuries are dissolving
a beautiful today of a thousand years

there is no other kingdom but ephemerity


Hi Sachie, I know Anne-Marie

Hi Sachie,

I know Anne-Marie Reuter. She showed interest in my book on teaching adults in Luxembourg, which encouraged me to finish it, and I'm working on this to get it published traditionally.

How was you presentation to the Luxembourgish government?

Best regards,



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