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Bonne Année 2018! Vill Gléck am Neie Joer!(謹賀新年)







Excursion to Paris and the German Connection (!?)

Galerie VivienneThe photo (bottom) is the view from the copy machine room of the Maison de la culture du Japon in Paris. (Also, the Galerie Vivienne and roses in the Jardin du Palais Royal).

It was a regular trip to Paris with my husband to fill up with energy. One of my energy sources comes from Book Off, used Japanese bookstore. One of the books I bought this time is written by Setsuko Ono. The book title (in Japanese) is A Woman Flying Alone in the World: Twenty-Eight Years of Experience at the World Bank (Tokyo: Kodansha, 2005). The author's brother-in-law was John Lennon, and her older sister is Yoko Ono. Dr. Ono worked for the World Bank as a senior adviser. Her book seems to confirm my impression that some existing international organizations may suffer partly because some powerful people in development are very keen to promote their own self-interests (rather than to devote much of their energies to fighting global poverty).

Watching the BBC World news at the hotel lobby, I thought of the plight of the people in Syria as well as of Marwan, my old Syrian friend, medical doctor, and businessman, whom I lost contact with.

That night (last Wednesday) we went to watch the movie The Avengers. I wondered if it was one of the movies whose release dates were postponed because of the Fukushima event.

Coming back from Paris, I was checking emails. Lately many of my email correspondents are German people as I find much important work on nuclear and environmental issues has been done by German experts. As you can imagine, nuclear matters are the subject to which I devote a great deal of my thought nowadays.







Let me introduce myself

My name is Sachie My name is Sachie (phonetically Satchié) Mizohata.

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