The creation and animation of this Community would not have been possible without the support of sponsors.  First, we are grateful to the EMACS (Educational Measurement and Applied Cognitive Science) of the University of Luxembourg; besides the hosting of the Community's website and the eLaboratories' infrastructure support (in the TAO Server Farm), the members of Professor Romain Martin's team are enforcing this project with constant technical supports. Crazy ideas do not live long without strong and wise supporters.  Professor Anne-Marie Guillemard (chairwoman in Sociology at the University of Paris Descartes, Sorbonne) is this kind of person. We thank her for her continuous support.

We would like to thank all the persons who are supporting us in our efforts, amongst who are Damien Arcani, Jérôme Bogaerts, Gilbert Busana, Christophe Henry, Isabelle Jars, Gilles Kayser, Ulrich Keller, Christian Meyer, Vincent Porro, Monique Reichert, Judith Swietlik-Simon, and Zouhour Ben Salah (all our apologies for the people we may have forgotten to mention by name).  We are especially grateful to Paul Chatin, Fabiola de Falco, Gavin W. Hougham, David Jolly, Kimie and Tooru Kitanaka, Don Martin, Peter Matanle, Kumi and Shigeo Ohmori, Guy Palmer, Anthony Rauch, Isao Sawai, Wang-Ju Tsai, Géraldine Vidou, Nathalie Bourgeois and members of "Vieillir au Village" for their generous time and thoughtful suggestions.

Many technical and technological issues were met during the set up of this Community.  It is important to mention that these challenges (mainly bound to the semantic web components of the platform) would not be easily solved without the help of technical experts from the Research Centre Henri Tudor.  So, thank you for the teams of Thibaud Latour and Pierre Brimont who have accepted to share their technical know-how.  Last but not least, we would like to acknowledge that this Online Community did not happen if we did not have two computer geniuses of our time, Patrick Plichart and Raynald Jadoul who have been able to turn abstract ideas into concrete, tangible, and usable constructs.  Raynald is a real visionary leader here.  To conclude, we want to thank all of the contributors (bloggers, commentators, scientists, translators, technical advisers, etc) who animate this Community, taking part in the eLab's debates, and, through such actions, enable the exploration of the social issues in all their extents.