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What’s wrong with his Japanese education?

What’s wrong with his Japanese education

The video below is a part of Prime Minister Abe’s Q&A session, which I tried to translate as accurately as I could. Feel free to improve it.

A woman asks, “As for the LDP party, what sort of policy do you intend to focus on?” He answers:

“The Preamble of the Constitution of Japan asserts that ‘we have determined to preserve our security and existence, trusting in the justice and faith of the peace-loving peoples of the world.’ In other words, it says that we leave it to the rest of the world to ensure our own security. And, ‘We desire to occupy an honored place in an international society striving for the preservation of peace, and the banishment of tyranny and slavery, oppression and intolerance for all time from the earth.’ It does not mean that we think of banishing tyranny and slavery, oppression and intolerance. The international society thinks so, and that’s how we seek help from them. It is petty. Quite frankly, it is a disreputable/undignified constitution. Because it is not made by the Japanese, isn’t it? Due to such constitution, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not obliged [allowed?] to make comments (on the Constitution). That is left to the international community to do so. That’s how the spirit has become. I think that it is important to change from there.”

I know it is quite puzzling. When I saw this video, I was dumbfounded at first, as his answers show a complete misunderstanding of the Constitution. (Or, he lacks a basic understanding of the Japanese language). I now find it quite interesting as this reveals his revisionist logic.






Momotaro and the Zokkoku Theater

This is my blog about the Client State – Japan with a satire flavor. I hope to write an English paper on the Zokkoku sometimes soon, so I won’t go into detail now.

属国劇場 ~ 「あれから桃太郎は」







Momotaro Story

This blog is about the articles of Okuizumi Eizaburo (1940 – 2013) on “The Story of Peach Boy and Japanese Culture.” It was published in the Japanese American newspaper, Mid America Guide, from February to August (except July) in 1996.

I think that Momotaro is still relevant in today’s Japan. Okuizumi writes that evil Oni (鬼) is Oni (隠), namely something invisible (it can be seen it as Japan’s perception of foreign threats). Momotaro story can be also associated with Nippon Kaigi school’s regimentation, hate indoctrination, and instrumentalization of children. Peach Boy is a very interesting subject to study, indeed.

奥泉栄三郎さん(1940-2013) 「桃太郎と日本文化」














Japan in two weeks (2) Senior agency

I was in Japan for two weeks or so. Over this short period, there were so many things: American presidential election, Japan’s TPP push, flu season, Professor Nussbaum’s winning the Kyoto Prize, etc. I have written a few blog articles on some issues. This piece is about my comments on recent media reports on older drivers reported as dangerous.

Japan in two weeks (1) sexual harassment

I was in Japan for two weeks or so. Over this short period, there were so many things: American presidential election, Japan’s TPP push, flu season, Professor Nussbaum’s winning the Kyoto Prize, etc. I have written a few blog articles on some issues. This piece is about my thoughts on sexual harassment and sexual assault incidences in recent Japan.







あなたも・わたしも・みんな ⎯⎯ 「障害者」の定義づけ








選挙 と 日本会議 と 主権を制約しようとする「自虐」の日本人!?




一水会の鈴木邦男氏が日本会議の中心人物たちのことを、「優秀な人たち」と評価していた。www.videonews.com/marugeki-talk 。。。


Deported of Indochina: "We Are Forgotten Ones of History"


Jérôme Jadot, Cécile Mimaut - www.franceinfo.fr "Les déportés oubliés d'Indochine" (21-04-2016)



4月21日 2016年 ジェローム・ジャド(国営ラジオ フランス・アンフォ)



日本礼賛 と 星の王子様のうぬぼれ男(2)

This is again about my English essay Superb Japan!?
mizohata.org - Superb Japan!? ― 日本礼賛の幻想

In my Japanese blog (1), I write on Japan’s recent self-praise claims in connection with the conceited man in The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupéry, though of course I did not mention it in my English essay. That’s why you see the cute Little Prince.

Credits: Le Petit Prince Collection by AmiAmaLilium on DeviantArt
under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License

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