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Page 07: Rural-Urban out-migration

Page 07 : Rural-Urban out-migration

Page 06: Sado Island's population decline - unmaintained infrastructure

Page 06 : unmaintained infrastructure

Page 05: Sado Island's population decline - abandoned farmland

Page 05 : abandoned farmland

Page 04: Sado Island's population decline - abandoned housing

Page 04 : abandoned housing

Page 03: Sado Island's population decline - statistics

Page 03: Sado islands population decline statistics

Page 02: Table of Contents

Page 02 : Table of contents (cf. Note comment)

[2008-04-12 BAJS2008] Shrinking Sado: Education, Employment and the Decline of Japan’s Regions (Matanle, P)

Shrinking_Sado : Education, Employment and the Decline of Japan’s Regions presented at the British Association for Japanese Studies Annual Conference, at Manchester, UK, on the 11-12 April 2008 by Dr Peter Matanle, University of Sheffield

Identity: Parody songs of Englishman in New York

You know the song about an Englishman in New York by Sting. Here are two parody songs; one is quite funny and the other is quite serious.

関西人in Tokyo (Kansai person in Tokyo)

Why we should all be suspicious of this organ called heart

For all those who find themselves faced up with the following crucial question: Is he\she the one for me ? this article gives you a hard but sensible advice: Listen to your brain rather than your heart.

Témoignage visuel du vieillissement rural au Japon

image extraite du livre de M. Kajii

Cela peut ressembler, aux yeux des citadins, à un univers parallèle - un monde moyenâgeux et décalé - et pourtant il n'en est rien. Cette scène aux accents anachroniques se passe de nos jours dans les campagnes japonaises oubliées du Monde Moderne. On y perçoit le côté obscur du Japon d'aujourd'hui - un des pays les plus développés en termes d'infrastructures et des plus technologiquement avancés. Un pays fait de mégalopoles qui n'aiment pas trop regarder du côté de ce parent pauvre que sont les campagnes où des personnes à l'âge plus que vénérables perpétuent - faute de moyens - des techniques agraires désuètes - sans se plaindre - dans le silence et l'oubli.

Aging villages in dire need of attention

image from the book of M. Kajii

It may look like an unfamiliar parallel universe for many city dwellers.  But, this is REAL.  You can see how the countryside of Japan, one of the world's most materially developed country, looks like and how older people continue farming practices.

You see, living in a remote rural village is not easy.  Rural elders have to do everything by themselves.  They have to shovel the snow in winter, prepare their own meals, heat the evening bath, etc.  Rural people are hardy souls as they need to be.  The next photo shows a septuagenarian or octogenarian granny, who is probabaly suffering osteoporosis, though she continues hard toil.  But, what if she becomes a housebound?






今回、「限界集落」の写真や日本の山村の写真を、欧州人の友人たちに見せた。「クール、クール(かっこいい!!)」と いう反応が返ってきた。こんな深山に寝袋を持っていってキャンプをしたい、訪ねてみたい、住んでみたいという。「はあーなるほどね」。

Money makes the world go round, world go round, world go round ... or Dirty cash

There is one interesting subject I was thinking of for a while now. At a first glance, one could say that the discussion around it could stay at a surface, and that there would not be much to say about. However, I will try to relate it with some deeper issues, in order to settle the field for discussion. Needless to say, I’ll appreciate very much your responsiveness.

Parks in Kyoto, in France, and in Luxembourg (in Japanese)

I was surprised to see poor parks and playgrounds in Kyoto with many warning signs, saying "It is forbidden to play ball games in bad manners, bothering others and neighbors.  The city of Kyoto."  You can see many parks are not so child friendly, but you can even feel something hostile toward kids.  I wondered where and how kids can play, learn, and grow in this hostile environment.  It is perhaps even unreasonable to pose the question “why do we have less and less kids in Japan?”  On the other hand, I find nicer gardens and parks, packed with kids, their guardians,



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