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A Japanese "refugee" (in Japanese)

I have just returned from Japan. In Japan, I am a rather big, sturdy, and outspoken woman. In the U.S., I was seen to be a soft-spoken and small-sized woman. In France, I am back to a "normal" size. Having lived in different countries, I feel I belong to all countries. But, I will stay as a "foreign" person in each country. Going back and forth between Japan and France, I see good and bad things in both societies.



Castaways of Oblivion

Predisposed to the media images of overpopulation, traffic congestion, and glittery commercial centers, it is widely assumed that Japan has “too many people and too little land [1].” But these familiar images of overcrowded megalopolises are persistently maintained, so that they cut people off from an often forgotten fact. More than half (51.7%) of Japanese territory is classified as kaso areas, predominantly rural, underdeveloped, and largely afflicted by serious depopulation [2] (see the map below).

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