About The Movie: Don’t Look Up

This film is hilarious and terrifying at the same time.

For those who have watched the movie... Yes, we have been there; No, not in the White House; just in that very situation. We have seen something similar in Luxembourg. It was just before the initial outbreak of COVID-19. We tried to nudge our representatives forward. Our discussion topic was about “black swan” events, the climate emergency, collapse and pauperization, alternative socio-economical system, and people’s money — a blockchained digital currency as a cornerstone of our solution.

a noctilucent cloud, credit Wikipedia

We talked about the issues similar to those written by Kim Stanley Robinson’s new book. Right now I am reading his The Ministry For The Future. Surprisingly, our minds think exactly alike — human development, blockchain, the climate emergency. But, of course, his writings are incomparably far far far better. Robinson describes things without relying on photos, for example, a noctilucent cloud (picture courtesy of Wikipedia). Thanks to Robinson, I think I understand our politicians and bankers a bit better, as he writes “One principle for bankers in perilous times was to avoid doing anything too radical and untried. And so they were all going to go down (p. 189).”

As for our meetings, our hosts were professionally polite. A handful of young representatives kept checking their phones. In this, although I did not care much, they made no secret – we were deemed as insignificant – two little scientists hardly more relevant than the guys depicted in “Don’t Look Up” and condescended to by the political staff as “coming from Michigan State.” Perhaps they already consulted few professors at the University of Luxembourg (= their privileged equivalence to “Columbia” or “Princeton” experts). For many, Luxembourg was too rich to collapse. As a deputy told us in an aside: “In any case, Germany or France would make wise decisions and we Luxembourg would just follow them.” Maybe they still think that way.

Our hosts were keenly aware of things (e.g., their political gains, the powerful corporate interests, and so forth). But, in my view, they did not know what money is (exchange of goods, storage of value, etc.), how it is created out of nothing, how the blockchain works, and how our banks, fiat money, and things do not work in the face of worsening climate danger.

So they decided to “sit tight and assess” for now. It was just before the global pandemic.

But you/we are too cool to sit back and not to use your/our cleverness, you/we know that!

In the film they talk about Okinawa, Hiroshima, Subaru, etc. I wonder if the film writer, David Sirota, is related to Beate Sirota Gordon.


I have seen it; aside from

I have seen it; aside from being a thriller, it's a warning for humanity. We should not be complacent about politicians making decisions for us.