Intelligence, Giftedness: Pre-cradle to Post-grave


Chapter 1

Intelligence that Matters
The Big Questions
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, How Intelligent Am I?
Meaning and Evolution in Thinking
Views Regarding Giftedness
Significance of Giftedness


Chapter 2

The Intellectually Gifted
Who are they?
Criteria and Signs of Giftedness
Discovery of Giftedness


Chapter 3

What is Good, Bad and New? Issues and Questions
Do certain medications retard mental Development?
Mind Pollutants
Food and Vitamins
Science and Medical Research
Mediatization and Socialization
Bilingualism/Multilingualism Challenges Mental Processes
Home Schooling
Haves and Have Nots in Developed and Developing Nations
Technology and the Gifted
The Classic: Gender, Right-Left Handedness, Birth Order, Younger Generation
Giftedness Amid Physical Disadvantages
Other Types of Intelligence
Intelligence Forever?


Chapter 4

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Pre-cradle to Post-Grave


Chapter 5

Familiar Phrases, Unfamiliar Experiences


Chapter 6

Gifted but Not Genius


Chapter 7

Intelligence – A Weapon of Competition


Chapter 8

Lots of Knowledge but Lack of Wisdom: The Economic Crisis


Chapter 9

Experience of Giftedness
Young Adulthood
Infancy and Adolescence
The French Schooling
The Australian Schooling


Chapter 10

One is a Gift, Two is a Bonus


Chapter 11

Dealing with Giftedness
Parents and Relatives
Educational Institutions, Teachers and Peers
Specialists and Associations


Chapter 12

How is it to be a Parent of a Gifted?


Chapter 13

The Gift of Failure and Success


Chapter 14

Intelligence and Beyond – The Conclusion


About the Author

Dr. Rolade Berthier is Filipino-born Australian. She has worked in Australia, France, Luxembourg and the Philippines for universities, government and non-government organizations. She has a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Development Education degree (Cum Laude) from Visayas State University, Philippines; Master of Social Planning and Development and Doctor of Philosophy from University of Queensland, Australia; and French Language Certificate from Sorbonne University, Paris.

Dr. Berthier has written many reports and articles on social and sociological issues, such as ethnicity and crime. She has written two other books: ‘Journey to the World of Public Service Employment’ and ‘Cross-Cultural Liaison: An Inconvenient Love?’ Her website attracts many visitors. Currently, she is a freelance English language trainer in Luxembourg.