YouTube Edu and comment on French universities on strike

Professor Yoichiro Nambu at the University of Chicago commented on Education last year when he was answering to a Japanese journalist. If I am not mistaken, he said something like this in Japanese: "These days wherever (university) you study, there must be no big difference in higher education thanks to the Internet."

I am not sure that I agree with the statement. If you study and work at Princeton and Chicago as Nambu sensei did, well maybe there is no big difference in an academic environment. But, if you study in Chicago and Paris, for example, you cannot dismiss differences between universities. Internet-based technologies have made people easier to receive education courses at a distance, though I think there are still limits.

But, when I discovered YouTube Edu, I was delighted and found it wonderful especially for those who are autodidactic. That’s why I wanted to talk about Youtube Edu, even though you may already know about it. When my eyes get tired, I close my eyes and listen to lectures.

By the way, you have heard about French universities are on strike these days. Newspaper articles from foreign countries brutally write about harsh realities in higher education in France (see below), which sometimes are different from what French strikers are saying.

"After decades of under-funding, French universities are overcrowded, have high dropout rates, fail to make international league tables and have been called a national disgrace by business leaders. The handful of well-funded, tiny, elitist graduate schools continue to thrive while the majority of universities struggle."

Perhaps, it takes a "Revolution" for France to have significant changes in higher education. I also wrote about higher education in France last year.


This site is also very interesting

(address proposed by Valentin G., PhD. student at the University of Berlin)
Video Lectures (

I agree with this post

I will not agree of what is said by Professor Yoichiro Nambu "These days wherever (university) you study, there must be no big difference in higher education thanks to the Internet." Learning in different Universities differs in their environment, teachers, the school, head of the school, etc. Even with the boom of internet resources it cannot be the considered as valid reason for the equality of any level universities.

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