Rose as a new cash crop: development initiative in Afghanistan

This is a story about a country still suffering from a series of wars, drugs, and poverty: Afghanistan. This is a story of a young French man who loves flowers and fell in love with this country.

"Imagine Afghanistan as a big garden full of roses instead of poppies."

Mathieu Beley is a talented consultant in his early 30s. He was born in Nancy and succeeded his Baccalaureate at the age of 16. With his degree of the French Business schools (l'Ecole des hautes études commerciales), he started to work in the Silicon Valley in the US.

As a consultant, he had to visit Afghanistan where he got an idea to start an eco-business, grow flowers for essential oils and perfume, and help sustain economy of the region where he was residing. In his project, he succeeded in receiving support from local people as well as an American specialist in conflict resolution for the United Nations.

In a radio interview of France Info, Mathieu said that he wanted to cast new light on Afghanistan: the flowers of orange, rose, and jasmine; their perfume permeating the air, the local people in love with nature, poems, and music; their culture, the beauty, and the biodiversity of the country, instead of Taliban, Afghan poppy production, and heroin industry.

Feel free to read more details (in French) on France Info's website, in the chronicle of Pierre Barnérias:

Photo : Mathieu Beley, entrepreneur - Credit : © RF/P.B


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