Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)

This month’s court hearing in London involving the American actor Johnny Depp has sparked the discussion about intimate partner violence (IPV), which accounts for 15% of all violent crime according to Project Sanctuary. The World Health Organisation reveals that “30% of ever partnered women globally have experienced physical or sexual violence by a partner in their lifetime”.

Almost every country has a domestic violence hotline, government agencies responsible for this social ill, or non-government organisations that shelter victims and save lives. There are websites, articles and non-fiction books written on this subject. Have you read a novel that has a domestic violence theme? I am a based-on-true-story person, and this is reflected in my choice of reading materials and films. All the few novels that I have read had a criminal plot, but none touched on domestic violence. That's why I decided to write a novel about it in a subtle and easy-to-read style using plain English.

I had been a listening device to a colleague and acquaintances whose partners' violence led to intervention by Luxembourgish and French police. Their stories inspired me to write "The Whisper of Regrets", which is about relationship complications, mental health and criminal justice.

"The Whisper of Regrets" is currently an entry to the 2020 Kindle Storyteller Award. Since readers play a significant role in selecting the winner, I hope you and your friends will check it out as an eBook or as a paperback. It is available at the minimum prices set by KDP for this kind of manuscript, as I insist on it being affordable and not a money machine.

For me, writing is fun and a way to challenge my fellow humans, participating in a competition is challenging, and winning is gratifying. A million thanks to you for reading this and passing on the word.

(Find ''The Whisper of Regrets'' here)


Amazon Review

"I have just read The Whisper of Regrets. I enjoyed it. I read it in 2 days because I was curious about what was going to happen. I particularly like the characters: I find them realistic and strong. The dialogues sound real. The explanation of the difference between complete and finish is hilarious and a nice wink to your job as an English teacher. I have only one negative feedback. I found the flash-forward too sudden. The novel plunges us right into the intimacy of Laurent, Adele and their two children. Witnessing their marital issues is awkward, not only because it is personal but also because it is clear something is rotten and tragedy is just around the corner. This psychological novel is written in a gripping and clear style. The characters sound real and ordinary. Therefore, you can easily identify with them and feel for them, while you also reflect on your own life. I recommend this book if you like suspense, dialogues and description of daily life". Marie-Pierre (Marie-Pierre has just won a French Short Story Competition, which will be published soon. English is one of her professional languages).

"I read it in 2 days because I was curious about what was going to happen". These were also the exact words of my Canadian friend, Catherine.