Tomato’s Survival Guide

  • Plants de tomates qui grandissent sur nos toits avec de petites tomates encore vertes et des rouges
  • Red lily flower blooming on our roof

My recent hobby is to share some baby (flowers) plants with friends and neighbors - that's my little Sunrise Movement. Plants quickly find adopters thanks to some joined leaflet mixing storytelling and guidelines. For instance, here is the note accompanying the last babies that left our place with a description of their origin and practical tips on how to nurture them so they become healthy grown-up tomato plants!

I was born in a little German village (at “Guiso’s tiny bio farm”) near Saarbrücken. I have many siblings… too many, so Guido has entrusted caring souls to take care of some of us! Please, adopt me!

1. I need a trim/trims before getting 100 cm. So that I will grow strong. Otherwise, no tomato, believe me! I thrive on hardships ☺ So, just cut the end of my major branches.

2. I love sunshine! ...

3. … I love water! (but not on my leaves, I’m picky!)
I dislike rain… like many at the moment.

4. I love rice water and sumi (炭) water! If you wash the rice manually, please save the water for me as it is rich in nutriments and so much better than direct tap water.

5. In case of sickness, no panic! You can spray (on the sick parts) a simple healing potion easy to prepare: 1 bottle of fresh mineral still water (not sparkling, no diet/salty water) in which you add 3 tea spoons of vinegar, but no sweet one to avoid attracting bugs; my friend Sachié uses rice vinegar so I am free from maladies and can survive anywhere!

6. As I flower, I need some stakes to support me.
Tomatoes can be quite heavy, you know!

7. By the end of October, I will have given all what I could give and I will be ready for compost, to return to the big cycle of Life… but we are not there yet, soooo….

8. … Let’s have fun together!

Adopt me!