Konjac or konnyaku

Konjac - Courtesy: Wikipedia.org

Konjac or konnyaku (in Japanese) for health benefits/use

Our French friend got ill. He had a bad headache and a high fever. He also felt a chill for all day long for a few days during the Easter holiday. His doctors were absent. He tried everything they can think of and nothing worked. His wife also got an attack of diarrhea at the same time. So, he contacted us. (Retrospectively speaking, this person got some kind of virus somehow.) I did not know what to suggest. I emailed my friend in Japan who practices alternative/Buddhist medicine. He said "Try a konjac!"

Of course, you should go to see your doctor first. But, to reduce fever, konnyaku may be helpful. Konjac on Wikipedia (see the photo) Get a konnyaku (pronounce like cognac) at a grocery store, if possible. If you write or print the words 蒟蒻 and show the memo at a grocery store, the average Chinese and Japanese persons can understand what it is.

Warm/cook it up for 15 minutes in boiling water, wrap it up with a freezer bag and a thick towel. Put it on the back of your neck-cervical (back of lower part of your skull) part to control the function of your brain. Warm your body to well circulate the blood and energy, and to enhance your immune function.

For your wife, you can make a soup of the cucurbitaceae (e.g., watermelon, melon, or cucumber). Slice cucumbers thinly and add the water (double amount of cucumber), boil them down to half. You should take some.

Warm konnyaku is also nice to alleviate muscle aches. Try it!

Konnyaku is edible and tasty. You can cook it in sesame oil, then put soy sauce, sugar, and some red peppers. Yummy.

Be genki!


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