About The Movie: Don’t Look Up

This film is hilarious and terrifying at the same time.

For those who have watched the movie... Yes, we have been there; No, not in the White House; just in that very situation. We have seen something similar in Luxembourg. It was just before the initial outbreak of COVID-19. We tried to nudge our representatives forward. Our discussion topic was about “black swan” events, the climate emergency, collapse and pauperization, alternative socio-economical system, and people’s money — a blockchained digital currency as a cornerstone of our solution.

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Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022: A New Chapter

In January 2021, I wished my family and friends good health and success. I thought the COVID pandemic would be over before December. How wrong I was! The Delta and Omicron variants arrived swiftly and worrisomely.

We’re still in the pandemic; consequently, restrictions have been reintroduced or tightened. COVID passports and tests have become pet peeves for travellers. They have hampered many people from being with their families on two of the dearly celebrated occasions of the year: Christmas/December and New Year.

So, what is an appropriate wish for our family and friends in 2022? Is it the usual “good health, peace, prosperity, and happiness”? Which of these is the most important thing to have? Can someone be happy when suffering from poor health? Many poor people in developing countries are naturally happy. Peace is not easy to attain when you’ve poor health. Prosperity contributes to happiness and peace of mind (i.e. not worrying about food, shelter, medicine, etc.)

What is a good New Year’s greeting or wish? What does a sincere message do to us? For family and friends afar, it’s a way of letting them know that they have not been forgotten. Greetings and good wishes bring in positive feelings. They translate into smiles and nods.


Front cover of Home in the World the latest book of Amartya Sen



食べたことのない、美味しいスイーツのような味わいの良書は、すぐに読み終えるのはもったいなく、楽しみながら読了した。あるインド人の学者が「Fine book」と評していたが、端的にそうだと思う。新刊は笑いあり、涙あり。どっと笑える、ふきだす逸話も多い。




エージェンシー (agency)


最近、エージェンシーについて考えさせられる機会があった。エイズ、SARS、エボラ、そしてCOVID-19と、米国が直面する感染症との闘いをリードしてきた感染症の専門家であるトニー・ファウチAnthony Fauci。彼のドキュメンタリー映画「Fauci」を見た時だった。



Coincidences? Globality!

What happened last October 30 overawed me. Was it a desirable coincidence? Was it pure luck? Was it the work of what my Polish student calls an “angel” (a word she uses when a fortunate situation passes my way)? Whereas, my French friend said: “C’est magique”. I have no way to test these suppositions, so I have decided to share this story with you; you might have ideas about it too.

I was scheduled to be interviewed by the co-founder of the podcast “Qui a peur du feminisme” (Who is scared of feminism) at 7 pm. At 6:25, I got a text from a former student’s daughter saying they had left something outside our apartment door. When I opened the door, they had gone.

I put the paper bag under my desk and resumed practising my pronunciation of French words that I was likely to use during the interview. (Though I live in France, I hardly use this tricky language). The interview was on Zoom; at 6:50, I started to have a mixed feeling of anxiousness and boredom. So, I opened the bag and was surprisingly glad to see a beautifully wrapped t-shirt with the phrase “Excuse my French”. I put this t-shirt on right away, just on time for the interview. How appropriate for the occasion!

My former student’s family saw this t-shirt while shopping in Metz and thought of me. They decided to go out of their way to drop it in my place. Only my husband knew that I would be interviewed that evening, and he didn’t tell them.


French words Je t'aime (meaning I love you) written in flashy yellow on the sidewalk in the streets of Luxembourg

歩道のJe t'aimeという落書き。ルクセンブルク駅から自宅近くまで、5〜6メートルごとにジュ・テームと書いてある。警察署の前にもあった。好きな子の目につくように、小学生が書いたのだろうか。Je t'aimeの最終目的地は、近所の小学・中学校だろうか。


そう「あなたを愛している」という「両性の合意」以外に、婚姻の自由に必要なものはない。日本女性がエージェンシーを持ち自由に生きようとすると、かなり極端に社会からはみ出てしまう、というようなことをDavid Muraが(おそらくTurning Japanese)に書いていたのを思い出した。日本を離れたプリンセスも、その例かと思う。


Last month, I requested information from the Ministry of Higher Education and Research (known here as CEDIES). I was surprised to receive a response at 11 in the evening, just when I was about to switch off my phone. At first, I thought it was a scam or something, but it was the help I needed. Hence, I thanked the male sender and added, “I hope you’ll receive a trophy for working very late”. He answered, “Thank you for your kind words. We have been receiving many enquiries due to our move to online application and sometimes there’s a bug in the system, so I have to work longer”.

Was he only doing his job, or he is a naturally kind and helpful person? His kindness was evident in our email exchanges afterwards.

Two weeks later, I received an email from an EU public servant at 9:08 PM on a Sunday. I thanked him for the list I requested and said, “You deserve a gold medal for working on a Sunday evening?” He wrote back explaining that he would have meetings all day on Monday and didn’t want me to be inconvenienced for not having it.

Another kind and considerate public servant! Has work ethic, mentality, or behaviour been impacted by the COVID pandemic or teleworking? I hope this doesn’t jeopardise their personal relationships.

COP26 und Luxembourg

COP26 (Oktober 31 – November 12, 2021)

Was ist, wenn der Klimawandel bereits den Punkt erreicht hat, an dem es kein Zurück mehr gibt? Ein Kipppunkt, der zum unausweichlichen Systemkollaps führt, oder, mit anderen Worten, der unaufhaltsame Ökozid? Da wir uns nicht mehr auf das Klima verlassen können, das wir ziemlich stark geschädigt haben, und auch nicht auf den Boden, den wir so missbraucht haben, dass er verarmt und chemisch verseucht ist, dass er nicht mehr genutzt werden kann, was bleibt dann noch für die Landwirtschaft und die daraus resultierende Wirtschaft zu hoffen? Denn was können wir ohne gesunde Ernten in die Verkaufsregale stellen? Aber das sind die vorhersehbaren Folgen der jetzt stattfindenden Veränderung, die wir mit all unserem Geld nicht vermeiden können…[1]

Am 9. August 2021 veröffentlichte der Zwischenstaatliche Ausschuss für Klimaänderungen (IPCC) seine bisher schärfste Warnung. [2]. Er warnt vor großen und unvermeidlichen Klima- und Umweltveränderungen. Darüber hinaus werden im November dieses Jahres in Glasgow unter der Schirmherrschaft der Vereinten Nationen im Rahmen der COP26 wichtige Verhandlungen stattfinden, bei denen alle Fragen (sozialer, wirtschaftlicher, wissenschaftlicher und anderer Art) erörtert werden, die mit dem Klimaproblem fast aller Staaten zusammenhängen. Es wird erwartet, dass jedes der 195 teilnehmenden Länder seine konkreten Pläne und tatsächlichen Verpflichtungen zur drastischen Reduzierung seiner Treibhausgasemissionen vorstellt. Da der IPCC jedoch bereits deutlich davor warnt, dass eine Begrenzung der Erwärmung auf etwa 1,5°C oder sogar 2°C unerreichbar ist, wenn wir keine drastischen Anstrengungen unternehmen, könnte man sich fragen, ob die COP26 überhaupt sinnvoll ist. Die patentierte Apathie der politischen "Mächtigen", ihre lauwarme Unterstützung (wenn nicht sogar eine kaum verhüllte Feindseligkeit) für Bürgerinitiativen, die in die richtige Richtung gehen, und der Spielraum, der dem Druck der Lobbys (nicht nur der Industrie) eingeräumt wird, machen diese "COP"-Veranstaltungen bestenfalls zu Maskeraden und schlimmstenfalls zu einer schönen Schweinerei auf Kosten der Welt.

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COP26 et le Luxembourg

COP26 (Octobre 31 – Novembre 12, 2021)

Et si le changement climatique rencontrait déjà son point de non-retour ? Un basculement menant à l’inéluctable faillite systémique ou, autrement dit, l’inexorable planéticide environnemental ? Ne pouvant plus nous fier au climat que nous avons passablement détraqué, ni aux terres dont nous avons abusées à l’extrême, au point de les voir si appauvries et chimiquement polluées qu’elles en sont inexploitables, que reste-il à espérer pour l’agriculture et l’économie qui en découle ? car sans culture saine, que mettre à l’étalage des magasins ? des productions agro-alimentaires industrielles gavées d’OGM et de pétrochimie ? en voilà un joli futur qui se dessine dans nos assiettes et celles des générations à venir ! Ce sont pourtant là des conséquences prévisibles du basculement qui s’opère maintenant, des conséquences que tout notre argent ne nous permettra pas d’éviter…[1]

Le 9 août 2021, le Groupe d'experts Intergouvernemental sur l'Évolution du Climat (GIEC) a publié son avertissement le plus sévère [2]. Il annonce des changements climatiques et environnementaux majeurs et inévitables. Par ailleurs, en novembre prochain à Glasgow, d'importantes négociations se tiendront sous l’égide des Nations Unies, dans le cadre de la COP26, pour discuter de toutes les matières (sociales, économiques, scientifiques et autres) liées au casse-tête climatique de presque tous les États. Chacune des 195 nations participantes doit y présenter ses plans concrets et de vrais engagements pour réduire fortement ses émissions de gaz à effet de serre. Toutefois, alors que le GIEC nous prévient d’ores et déjà clairement que la limitation du réchauffement aux alentours de 1,5°C, ou même à 2°C, sera hors de portée à moins d’efforts drastiques, on peut s’interroger sur l’utilité de l’exercice COP26, L’apathie patentée du « pouvoir » politique, son soutien mitigé (quand ce n’est pas un antagonisme à peine voilé) envers les initiatives citoyennes allant dans le bon sens et la place laissée aux pressions exercées par les lobbies (pas uniquement industriels) font de ces événements « COP » au mieux des mascarades et au pire de beaux gâchis sur le dos du monde.

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You are coaching or being coached

Two weeks ago, I received an email with this phrase: “If you’d like me to coach you to confidence and self-belief, reply to this email and let’s talk”. This had made me think about the essence of coaching and the talents of coaches. I don’t need coaching on confidence and self-belief; but, perhaps, in some areas. There is always room for improvement, and I’m perfectly imperfect.

What is coaching? Cambridge Dictionary defines coaching (UK – kəʊ.tʃɪŋ/ US -ˈkoʊ.tʃɪŋ) as

“the act of giving special classes in sports, a school subject, or a work-related activity, especially to one person or a small group” (Reference).

Collins English Dictionary’s definition of it includes

“training staff in business or office practice” and “giving a person special teaching in a particular subject” (HarperCollins Publishers (reference).

When I was young, I associated coaching only with sports. I have since changed my understanding of it. Coaching applies in every professional and personal area and in every aspect of one’s life.

Wise travelling, Dealing with the unexpected, and Making the most of it

You might have read, heard, or experienced the hustle and bustle of travelling abroad during this period of the pandemic. If you had an annual leave last summer, you probably checked every day where to go, which destinations were on the green and amber lists. In addition to being fully vaccinated, there were travel restrictions and sanitary “must do” things.

We were in England for a week for a family reason. From July 19, France has placed the UK on its amber list; the UK has ended its quarantine requirement for fully vaccinated travellers from amber countries, like France. However, there was more to comply with. We had to present our EU or French COVID certificate. Additionally, we had to provide a negative COVID-19 test taken a maximum of 72 hours before our departure. Then, we must complete a passenger locator form, which could only be done after purchasing a 1 x COVID-19 travel test that cost about 50 euros (PCR Test is free in France). Those from red countries and not fully vaccinated must book and pay for 2 x COVID-19 travel tests before arrival; once in the UK, they must quarantine for ten days and take a COVID-19 test on or before day two and on or after day eight.

Vanity or career necessity

Last month, during my Skype lesson, I noticed my student looked prettier than previously.

“You have got sparkling eyes; what’s the good news?”

She giggled and lowered her voice. “I don’t know the word in English; in French, it’s ‘rehaussement de cils’. With this, I don’t need a mascara; when I do, it takes only a second, unlike before”.

After researching on this “rehaussement de cils” (eyelash enhancement), I wanted to do mine too. The eyes are a focal point of anyone’s face. Women with long eyelashes and large eyes are often considered to be beautiful. Was I vane to wish for full and long lashes that would give me a youthful and healthy look without mascara or eyelash extensions?

I was only a few steps away from our local beautician to make an appointment when I turned around. Walking back home, I bumped into my Irish friend. I told her that I had intended to have an eyelash enhancement but didn’t have the guts to do it. Smiling, almost laughing, she said: “You don’t need it; you look much younger than your age.” *

Tomato’s Survival Guide

  • Plants de tomates qui grandissent sur nos toits avec de petites tomates encore vertes et des rouges
  • Red lily flower blooming on our roof

My recent hobby is to share some baby (flowers) plants with friends and neighbors - that's my little Sunrise Movement. Plants quickly find adopters thanks to some joined leaflet mixing storytelling and guidelines. For instance, here is the note accompanying the last babies that left our place with a description of their origin and practical tips on how to nurture them so they become healthy grown-up tomato plants!

I was born in a little German village (at “Guiso’s tiny bio farm”) near Saarbrücken. I have many siblings… too many, so Guido has entrusted caring souls to take care of some of us! Please, adopt me!

1. I need a trim/trims before getting 100 cm. So that I will grow strong. Otherwise, no tomato, believe me! I thrive on hardships ☺ So, just cut the end of my major branches.

2. I love sunshine! ...

3. … I love water! (but not on my leaves, I’m picky!)
I dislike rain… like many at the moment.

4. I love rice water and sumi (炭) water! If you wash the rice manually, please save the water for me as it is rich in nutriments and so much better than direct tap water.

5. In case of sickness, no panic! You can spray (on the sick parts) a simple healing potion easy to prepare: 1 bottle of fresh mineral still water (not sparkling, no diet/salty water) in which you add 3 tea spoons of vinegar, but no sweet one to avoid attracting bugs; my friend Sachié uses rice vinegar so I am free from maladies and can survive anywhere!

6. As I flower, I need some stakes to support me.
Tomatoes can be quite heavy, you know!

7. By the end of October, I will have given all what I could give and I will be ready for compost, to return to the big cycle of Life… but we are not there yet, soooo….

8. … Let’s have fun together!

Adopt me!

Guide de Survie du Plant de Tomate

Plants de tomates qui grandissent sur nos toits avec de petites tomates encore vertes et des rouges

Mon dernier hobby en date est de partagé mes bébés-plantes avec des amis et des voisins - c'est mon petit Sunrise Movement à moi :-)

Chaque plante vient avec sa petite historiette ou une note d'entretien... ou parfois les deux comme c'est le cas des derniers plants de tomate qui sont partis pour adoption avec la présentation et les recommandations suivantes:

Je suis né dans un petit village allemand (dans “la mini ferme bio de chez Guido”) près de Saarbrücken. Ma fratrie est nombreuse… trop grande. c’est pourquoi Guido a décidé de nous confier à des âmes attentionnées qui prendront soin de nous. Adoptez-moi!

1. J’ai besoin d’être taillé quand j’atteins 100 cm. Grâce à ces épreuves☺ je me fortifierai. Sinon, pas de tomate, croyez-moi! Pour la taille, coupez juste le bout de mes branches.

2. J’adore le soleil! ...

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It could have been you

Football mania, here we go again. My, my, how can I resist it?

Indeed, I can’t resist watching and talking about the 51 games of 24 national teams vying for the 2021 European Football Championship trophy (simply known as the UEFA Euro, scheduled initially in July last year but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic).

However, it is not the focus of this article. On 12 June 2021, Christian Eriksen collapsed during his Danish team’s match against Finland. According to media reports, the referee acted quickly by alerting medical staff, who administered promptly cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) treatment and took him to the nearest hospital in Copenhagen.

A CPR involves uninterrupted chest compressions of 100 to 120 a minute until paramedics arrive. It is a lifesaving technique necessary in emergencies, such as a heart attack or near-drowning experience. Although it can be done by untrained bystanders and first responders, I’m unsure of being able to do it.

Tartalom átvétel