without too much technical terms, let us talk about health issues

Nakamura Brace´s Prosthetic and Orthopedic Devices

Last week, I was reading the Japanese book entitled "Company that Receives Thank You Letters from Overseas"(世界から感謝の手紙が届く会社) written by Nozomi Chiba.

The book is about Nakamura Brace Co.,ltd (中村ブレイス), a company that makes prosthetic and orthopedic devices. They have had customers order from over 30 countries. The company is located in Omori, a town of 500 persons in Shimane Prefecture – one of the most depopulated prefectures in Japan. Though, this town´s Iwami Ginzan Sliver Mine was listed as the World Heritage site in 2007. Mr. Toshiro Nakamura, clinical prosthetics specialist is the company´s founding president.

This company/Mr. Nakamura impressed me, so I would like to write about them, highlighting some points.




Our dentist: Dr. Schoubben - "Il changeait la vie"

In my earlier blog, I wrote that Jean-Jacque Goldman is a very popular French singer and songwriter with "the sociological imagination." In his song entitled "Il changeait la vie" (He changed the life), he sings about ordinary people like a school teacher, a shoe maker, a saxophone player, etc. A person appears to be "some nobody" far different from those who do "grand theories." Though, "he put his heart and soul into his work" and make all the difference to our daily lives.


見過ごしてしまいそうな村にいる、どこにでもいるフツーの人たち(靴紐屋さんとか。学校の先生。サックス吹きなんかの芸術家。)すごい言説とかgrandes théoriesとか無縁の人たちだけど。それぞれの生業にうち込んで、才能と時間と心がこもったすばらしい仕事をする。そんな彼らは(靴をはく人たちの)人生を確実にかえる。

こんな風に唄ったジャン・ジャック・ゴールドマンの歌。ゴールマンは「社会学的想像力」を持ったフランスを代表するシンガー・ソングライターだと、常々、尊敬してますが。実際、彼は社会学で学位を取得した人だそうです。 J.J. Goldman - Il changeait la vie



My humble 101 introduction to the World of Wine (in Japanese)

I hope to write about the Wine 101 when I have more time.  Below, this is what my American friend wrote when I explained to him.A wine that I really appreciate

Thanks for the Wine 101 on this type of wine. I think it is fascinating how nuanced these crafts can be -- pushing the limits of how far nature can be manipulated to produce such novel products. It is a real art.



今日は7月14日。フランス革命記念日・・・ということで。夏休み中の人も多いことでしょうから、楽しいお話をしましょう。 経済大国日本とアメリカを経由してヨーロッパにたどり着いてから、欧州の後進性やいい加減さにたびたび唖然としましたが、日本では知らなかった「ゆたかさ」にも多く出会いました。そのひとつがワインです。これはスノッブな人向けで、自分には無縁のモノだっと思っていたら。ワインの奥深さに惹かれ、多少、酒質も分かるようになり、今では日常生活を豊かにする必需品のように感じます。

Sachie’s Home Remedies

I am not a medical doctor. Though, since I was not so strong and healthy, I had to learn how to take care of myself. Also, I have been with many people suffering from a chronic, rare, or incurable illness. Moreover, I know quite a few people who have defeated an often-unbeatable disease or handicap. So, I have learned a lot about illnesses.

If you are poor or if you do not have a health insurance, you cannot afford to see a doctor so often. You can try my approach as a way of health promotion and self-care strategies. But, if you are ill, you should go to a public health clinic, so you have more chance to escape a serious illness. If you or your family member has a terminal illness, I know how you feel and what you have to go through. My approach does not work like the Lourdes’ miraculous water, but some work pretty well. What I strongly believe is that we can still have the good quality of life no matter terminal or severe illness we have.


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