The eLaboratories

eLab: assessing capabilities of the senior in rural areas

We are delighted to invite you to our eLaboratory!  (eLab sounds too good to be true, but finally, eLab has become a reality as it took us two years to make it happen.)

This eLaboratory has two major objectives, which are interdependent:

  1. To elaborate a framework based on the Capability Approach (CA) and to operationalize this framework in order to conduct research on the capabilities deficits of the rural elderly;
  2. To set up a collaborative environment to discuss issues and to select the pertinent indicators in order to conduct combined quantitative and qualitative research on the rural elderly.

I hope that many people will be interested in participating in the production of knowledge and in the selection of relevant capabilities through public debate via this eLab.

eLab: Work Bench pour Tests

EN: This eLab is installed for training and test purpose only.

FR: Ce laboratoire électronique est à vocation de test et d'apprentissage.

eLab: service level assessment of entertainment and gambling facilities

This eLab aims to create a versatile model dedicated to the assessment of
  • the level of a candidate during a recruitment interview
  • the work and level of service provided by an employee (performance evaluation)
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