blog de Optimus.Prime is retiring

Dear readers,

On October 1, 2022, after a fruitful 15-year existence, the community will be discontinued and this website will be decommissioned.

We thank you all, readers and writers, and especially the community members who, through their contribution, made this adventure very interesting.

Although the website is now configured in a mode read-only, its content will remain accessible until the 30th of September (and perhaps a bit longer.)

We wish you all the best and peace for Ukraïna.

The moderators jumps from D.6.4 to D.6.6

Dear all, according's recommendations, your platform upgraded and now runs on Drupal v.6.6 (the versions 6.5 and 6.6 fix a few security and usability concerns). Next week, after the non-regression tests, the technical team will deliver a preview version of the first eLaboratories (accessible by registered members). With so many changes, the platform may be unstable from time to time. Therefore, we need your feedback. Feel free to warn us if something is not functioning properly anymore in your workspace. now running D.6.3 ... oops D.6.4

Dear all, Just a few lines to let you know the platform now runs on Drupal v.6.4. We upgraded to Drupal 6.3 last week and during the non-regression tests, Drupal 6.4 was delivered. Therefore, we have decided to merge the updates. These versions fix a few security and usability concerns. Feel free to warn us if something is not functioning properly anymore in your workspace. is now running D.6.2

Hi everybody.

I just drop here a few lines to inform the community that the platform now runs on Drupal v.6.2.

"Public Forums" section is now open

I know that this feature should have been working a long time ago. No need to cry anymore (or to complain), now it's here!

The ready for Drupal 6

Wow, Whoaw!  It was hot February on version 6 (Final) on the 13th and then 6.1, just two weeks later.  However, we made it and now the Community has become something like diapason!  Thank you to the team.

So, with this new release/update, new bugs will appear... it's logically unavoidable.  Feel free (especially the Community members) to report any anomaly.  TIA!

eLaboratory demonstrator is now up and running

Yes, let's have a glass of champagne... it's New Year's Eve!

...but it's also the birthday of our little demonstrator of eLaboratory.

The Community is open

Today is a celebration day!

After more than six months analysis and development, the project releases the first public version of its Community platform.

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