A Japanese "refugee" (in Japanese)

I have just returned from Japan. In Japan, I am a rather big, sturdy, and outspoken woman. In the U.S., I was seen to be a soft-spoken and small-sized woman. In France, I am back to a "normal" size. Having lived in different countries, I feel I belong to all countries. But, I will stay as a "foreign" person in each country. Going back and forth between Japan and France, I see good and bad things in both societies.

Japan is my mother country, but if I stay there too long, I get stressed. In Nippon, fruits and vegetables are often packed and sold in containers. If an apple is too big or too small for a container, it will not be sold. I think that it is the same thing for the Japanese women. There are so many rules for us to be "agreeable" and "feminine."


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