Life, nature and poetry

Gési Homme des Bois

In our societies, oppositeness clothes itself in many various ways! Opinions and messages often come through the TV, the Internet, and the newspapers, but they are also - too often - expressed not in ink or words but with violence and blood: bombs, hostages, and so on.

I prefer poetry, music and pictorial art at large... even graffiti hastily dropped on a wall in the suburb or in the subway invite me to think or to dream.

However, the tags are not what I'd like to share with you, but rather the work expressions of a friend of mine; he is a painter and poète and today celebrates his 70 year-old birthday - GéSi d'Ardenne.

What I like in this drawing?  Well, the text shows the reaction of an old man who feels left out of our society, but much in harmony with the Forest. This society comes and impose itself through "a materialist" (man) who we could imagine shows all the "necessary" features of such a human condition - the car, the suit, mobile GSM and/or PDA and/or laptop - normal "drugs" prescribed by stunning (and excessively well-prepared) marketing campaigns.

It does not seem that this old man is afraid of time... he lives at his own pace as he feels... and just like the Forest - his good friend, he says - we could even imagine that he is made of wood - from the tenderest to the strongest essence (like the old oaks we have in our forests of Ardennes)!

Another piece of his work: "un Château qui réfléchit" (French expression "qui réfléchit" means both "mirroring" and "thinking")

Feel free to click the pictures to see a larger version).

Bon amusement!