What is the Capability Approach (CA)? (in Japanese) abstract

I tried to give a short explanation of the Capability Approach in Japanese. There are numerous nice English articles on the CA. See, for example: Sabina Alkire (2005). “Why the Capability Approach?” in Journal of Human Development. Ingrid Robeyns (2005). “The Capability Approach: A Theoretical Survey.” Sharath Srinivasan (2007). “No Democracy Without Justice: Political Freedom in Amartya Sen’s Capability Approach.” Also, please visit the HDCA (Human Development and Capability Association) website.


このアプローチは経済学者のアマルティア・セン(Amartya Sen—1998年ノーベル経済学賞受賞。現ハーバード大学教授)によって、富裕度に代わる国や暮らしのゆたかさを分析する理論として構築されました。 1980年半ば、開発施策をめぐり、どのような国際政策をとるべきか、何の平等性を指標にした発展をめざすべきか等、経済学者らのあいだで検討されました。センは「国民総生産など集合的な財に注目するだけでは、富が国民に均等かつ公正に行き渡っているかどうかはわからない」と既存の経済学の限界を指摘しました。

"Fear and Trembling" Introduction

Amélie Nothomb is one of the most popular novelists in the French-speaking world today.  Born to Belgian diplomats, she stayed in Kobe, Japan, then moved and lived in many countries.  After graduating from the Free University in Brussels, she returned to Tokyo to work in a company.  For her novel Fear and Trembling, she wrote about her horrible work experience there.  I understand she is an excellent writer and a storyteller, though I do not like how she writes about the Japanese women.  This is my blog, a kind of revised "Fear and Trembling" by a Japanese wom

"Stupeur et tremblement" Introduction

Amélie Nothomb est l’ennemie publique numéro 1 des femmes japonaises. Même si je ne crois pas qu’elle soit bonne sociologue, je suis restée stupéfiée par la richesse de son vocabulaire et j’ai tremblé face à la complexité et à la subtilité de la langue française qu’elle manie avec tant d’aisance...

Can I do the Capability Approach in the Kansai dialect!?

A Nobel Prize winning Indian economist, Amartya Sen writes difficult matters so simply.




Let me introduce myself

My name is Sachie My name is Sachie (phonetically Satchié) Mizohata.

"Collaborative enterprise," a way to tackle the Capability Approach operational challenges

Sachie Mizohata — (answering the question "Overall scientific interest and innovative aspects of the project" for the Luxembourgish fellowship in January, 2007.)

The Community is open

Today is a celebration day!

After more than six months analysis and development, the project releases the first public version of its Community platform.

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