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Long life to Shidōkan!


Shidōkan Libramont-Chevigny
49° 54' 53.7012" N, 5° 22' 37.8012" E

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Shidōkan, iaido club in Libramont, Belgium, founded by ardent disciples of Ogura Noboru sensei, Gérard (Gési) Simon and Gérard Gatelier. Now the club has been successfully led by Gatelier and others. The members dedicate a large part of their lives to practicing and improving their iaido techniques and relevant philosophical knowledge. One person, for example, drives 120 km (one way) every week for keiko (i.e. training), while another person practices almost 6 days a week, leaving one day free so that his wife can see him!

I wonder what is so fascinating about iaido (training barefoot in the dōjō for hours). One person said it is about “the pursuit of bien-être (well-being): the one we earn and the one we share with others.”

I am thankful for opportunity to learn our own culture and traditional values from Japonophile Belgian friends! Vive le Shidōkan!

1) Photo of some members (Seven Samurai from Libramont) at the dōjō.
2) Photo of Gési at the anniversary party, receiving a gift from the members represented by Philippe Lesire.

A video showing the core techniques of iaido: Ogura Sensei - ZKR demonstration

If you are interested, please contact:

Club Shidōkan (BKR and ABKF member)
Place communale, 6800 Libramont-Chevigny (Belgium)

Gérard Simon - Gérard Gatelier - Philippe Lesire
+32 (0)498/44 15 56 ou +32 (0)494/28 46 56

Practice schedule:
Thursday from 19h30 (1h iaido, 1h jodo)
Sunday 9h30-11h30


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