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Philosphy lesson from a 15yo

Last night on our way home from the motor show in Geneva, my son & husband and I had a sudden discussion about philosophy, which was ignited by my expression of pride that the former has been chosen to represent his school in the national high school competition in philosophy. My statement "philosophy is an explanation, literature is a fascination while sociology is finding solutions" led to arguments on what's philosophy and when it's not. We debated on the role of religion, difference between faith & confidence, knowledge & wisdom, and scientific & non-scientific proof. I was humbly reminded by our son's brief history of philosophy, i.e. Greece ... before the birth of Christ... Socrates, Plato, Aristotle... and he even mentioned Feng Youlan. He recommends the book, "Sophie's World". Just before we parked our car, we all agreed that when talking about philosophy, the method or process is primordial. We live in a planet where there are always questions and without answers to these questions, there's no knowledge - which is the basis of our actions.


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