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About The Movie: Don’t Look Up

This film is hilarious and terrifying at the same time.

For those who have watched the movie... Yes, we have been there; No, not in the White House; just in that very situation. We have seen something similar in Luxembourg. It was just before the initial outbreak of COVID-19. We tried to nudge our representatives forward. Our discussion topic was about “black swan” events, the climate emergency, collapse and pauperization, alternative socio-economical system, and people’s money — a blockchained digital currency as a cornerstone of our solution.

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Front cover of Home in the World the latest book of Amartya Sen



食べたことのない、美味しいスイーツのような味わいの良書は、すぐに読み終えるのはもったいなく、楽しみながら読了した。あるインド人の学者が「Fine book」と評していたが、端的にそうだと思う。新刊は笑いあり、涙あり。どっと笑える、ふきだす逸話も多い。




エージェンシー (agency)


最近、エージェンシーについて考えさせられる機会があった。エイズ、SARS、エボラ、そしてCOVID-19と、米国が直面する感染症との闘いをリードしてきた感染症の専門家であるトニー・ファウチAnthony Fauci。彼のドキュメンタリー映画「Fauci」を見た時だった。




French words Je t'aime (meaning I love you) written in flashy yellow on the sidewalk in the streets of Luxembourg

歩道のJe t'aimeという落書き。ルクセンブルク駅から自宅近くまで、5〜6メートルごとにジュ・テームと書いてある。警察署の前にもあった。好きな子の目につくように、小学生が書いたのだろうか。Je t'aimeの最終目的地は、近所の小学・中学校だろうか。


そう「あなたを愛している」という「両性の合意」以外に、婚姻の自由に必要なものはない。日本女性がエージェンシーを持ち自由に生きようとすると、かなり極端に社会からはみ出てしまう、というようなことをDavid Muraが(おそらくTurning Japanese)に書いていたのを思い出した。日本を離れたプリンセスも、その例かと思う。

Tomato’s Survival Guide

  • Plants de tomates qui grandissent sur nos toits avec de petites tomates encore vertes et des rouges
  • Red lily flower blooming on our roof

My recent hobby is to share some baby (flowers) plants with friends and neighbors - that's my little Sunrise Movement. Plants quickly find adopters thanks to some joined leaflet mixing storytelling and guidelines. For instance, here is the note accompanying the last babies that left our place with a description of their origin and practical tips on how to nurture them so they become healthy grown-up tomato plants!

I was born in a little German village (at “Guiso’s tiny bio farm”) near Saarbrücken. I have many siblings… too many, so Guido has entrusted caring souls to take care of some of us! Please, adopt me!

1. I need a trim/trims before getting 100 cm. So that I will grow strong. Otherwise, no tomato, believe me! I thrive on hardships ☺ So, just cut the end of my major branches.

2. I love sunshine! ...

3. … I love water! (but not on my leaves, I’m picky!)
I dislike rain… like many at the moment.

4. I love rice water and sumi (炭) water! If you wash the rice manually, please save the water for me as it is rich in nutriments and so much better than direct tap water.

5. In case of sickness, no panic! You can spray (on the sick parts) a simple healing potion easy to prepare: 1 bottle of fresh mineral still water (not sparkling, no diet/salty water) in which you add 3 tea spoons of vinegar, but no sweet one to avoid attracting bugs; my friend Sachié uses rice vinegar so I am free from maladies and can survive anywhere!

6. As I flower, I need some stakes to support me.
Tomatoes can be quite heavy, you know!

7. By the end of October, I will have given all what I could give and I will be ready for compost, to return to the big cycle of Life… but we are not there yet, soooo….

8. … Let’s have fun together!

Adopt me!

Guide de Survie du Plant de Tomate

Plants de tomates qui grandissent sur nos toits avec de petites tomates encore vertes et des rouges

Mon dernier hobby en date est de partagé mes bébés-plantes avec des amis et des voisins - c'est mon petit Sunrise Movement à moi :-)

Chaque plante vient avec sa petite historiette ou une note d'entretien... ou parfois les deux comme c'est le cas des derniers plants de tomate qui sont partis pour adoption avec la présentation et les recommandations suivantes:

Je suis né dans un petit village allemand (dans “la mini ferme bio de chez Guido”) près de Saarbrücken. Ma fratrie est nombreuse… trop grande. c’est pourquoi Guido a décidé de nous confier à des âmes attentionnées qui prendront soin de nous. Adoptez-moi!

1. J’ai besoin d’être taillé quand j’atteins 100 cm. Grâce à ces épreuves☺ je me fortifierai. Sinon, pas de tomate, croyez-moi! Pour la taille, coupez juste le bout de mes branches.

2. J’adore le soleil! ...

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Le Salon Jaune de Bruxelles

  • Bird and Cat side by side and staring in the. same direction with the Cat giving a leg up to the Bird (an original design by Yuri-san)
  • Dog posing (an original design by Yuri-san)

Ce sac en coton biologique (30 x 40 cm) a été conçu par Yuri, une des filles de mon amie Ako. Yuri est prometteuse. Ako est une artiste, une amie des animaux et une coiffeuse à Bruxelles. Ako est une femme d'action, avec une attitude “on peut le faire!”. Ce sac est né de l'amour familial. Si vous passez à Bruxelles, n'hésitez pas à vous arrêter au salon de coiffure pour une coupe de cheveux ou une discussion !

Viaductstraat 33
1050 Ixelles, Belgium

0475 40 59 46

The Salon Jaune in Brussels

  • Bird and Cat side by side and staring in the. same direction with the Cat giving a leg up to the Bird (an original design by Yuri-san)
  • Dog posing (an original design by Yuri-san)

This organic cotton bag (30 x 40 cm) is designed by Yuri, a daughter of my friend Ako. Yuri shows promise. Ako is an artist, animal lover, and hairdresser in Brussels. Ako is an action woman, with a can-do attitude. This bag was born out of family love. If you happen to be in Brussels, please stop by the salon for a haircut or for a chat!

Viaductstraat 33
1050 Ixelles, Belgium

0475 40 59 46


Bird and Cat side by side and staring in the same direction with the Cat giving a leg up to the Bird (an original design by Yuri-san)




この頃、私はもっぱらブリュッセルの Akoさんに髪を切ってもらっている。マラケッシュで詐欺もどきに会ったことを、アコさんに話したら「お金って、そんなことしてもらうものじゃない」ときっぱりとおっしゃった。彼女の明快さ。プロフェッショナリズム。3匹の犬と安らぎ。交遊。そういうアコさんが好きで、折々通っている。


COVID-19 vaccination

A butterfly with brown wings displaying owl eyes landed on a pink exotic flower located in the butterflies garden of Grevenmacher (Luxembourg)

I was vaccinated against Covid-19 on May 1, 7:30 AM. My first jab (Moderna) took place at Victor Hugo Sports Hall transformed into a vaccination center, in Luxembourg. My husband came to give me emotional support (or the other way around).

We sat and waited for my turn. I felt slightly excited. A nice older Luxembourgish woman took care of me. It was a slow and painless procedure. I saw she took more time than other healthcare workers. We thought she might be a retired physician. Thanks to her, I felt relaxed. After the inoculation, we had to sit for 15 minutes and I was given a box of masks afterward. Then we went to the market, bought four packets of strawberries (on May 1!), and happily went home. My left arm felt sore for two days. I wondered if I had been recovered from the virus without knowing it.

Many friends experienced little to no side effects (e.g., arm soreness). A few reported some side effects (e.g., headache, nausea, vomit, and more). And a few friends have refused to get vaccinated.

Unexpectedly I felt happy after getting the jab, which made me realize my valid concerns or vaccine hesitancy: are they really safe? are they effective? what about the Indian double mutation? what if nobody was there – on May 1? are we achieving herd immunity soon? what’s the point of getting a vaccine!? any excuse to skip vaccination?

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The Lost Decade after Fukushima

In English here below – En française ci-dessous


Karyn Nishimura (French journalist living in Japan) tweeted on March 21, 2021.

The real "lost decade" was 2011-2020. Japan had a chance to become a model country for the world after 3.11, by getting rid of nuclear power, investing on an unprecedented scale in renewable energy and CO2 capture technology, and becoming the most eco-friendly country in the world. It's a real shame that the government and the big corporations didn't choose that path.

Karyn Nishimura (journaliste française vivant au Japon) a tweeté le 21 mars 2021.

La véritable "décennie perdue" a été la période 2011-2020. Le Japon avait la possibilité de devenir un pays modèle pour le monde après le 11 mars, en se débarrassant de l'énergie nucléaire, en investissant à une échelle sans précédent dans les énergies renouvelables et les technologies de capture du CO2, et en devenant le pays le plus respectueux de l'environnement au monde. Il est vraiment dommage que le gouvernement et les grandes entreprises n'aient pas choisi cette voie.

"The Lost Decade" originally refers to a period of economic slowdown from 2001 to 2010 in Japan. Now it has turned into the continuing lost decades — a period spanning nearly three decades. Now it is hard for me (Japanese expatriate living in Luxembourg) to see my native country’s precarious position.


eXtinction Rebellion Luxembourg






(離脱キャンペーンでは、Brexit に反対すること自体が愛国心に欠ける「非国民」のように言いはやされ、「頭」でなく「肚」の根拠なき心配に訴えるような流布がなされた。また「英国人」という、単一のアイデンティティに訴えかけたことも興味深い。)



Super recipes for closing 2020

Artistic photo of all the ingredient of the yummy ketchup of the Chef of Hostellerie Stafelter located in Walferdange (Luxembourg)

First, here is our Michelin chef’s ketchup recipe.

We went to my favorite restaurant in Luxembourg sometime between the first and second lockdown.  We were happiest (at least I am) when we were there.  I said to a waitress, “Super! C’était parfait!  Please give the chef our compliments on the wonderful meal!  I wish I had a recipe for this ketchup.”

Lo and behold, this note of ingredients was given via the waitress woman.  I guess the chef saw all the clean dishes after we ate with gusto.  We cleaned all the serving dishes — clean enough so that they could have returned them to their cupboard directly!

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欧州にて — 学術会議をめぐる雑感

Symbol of the oldest university in the world in Bologna

大学を英語でa university と言います。これはラテン語の universitas に由来し、“a whole” を指します。つまり総べてひっくるめて“all-inclusive” の総合知の学舎を「大学」と呼びます。(ウイキペディアにも載ってますよ)「大学」には「学問の自由」が不可欠で、ここ900年ほどの伝統です。今回の日本学術会議会員候補6人の任命拒否・人事介入問題で、現政権はそういった「広い視野」に乏しいということが明らかになった気がします。



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