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I’m writing this in the balcony of a charming chalet in Courchevel, France’s famous ski resort, with a scenic view during a blue bird day. Snow skiing is definitely part of a western culture. I’ve been going to the slopes every day and haven’t yet seen Asian- or African-looking skiers. Obviously, skiing is a sport and leisure for the Haves considering the prices of equipment (either purchase or rent), ski outfit, lift tickets, accommodation, food, travel, etc.

Politics, Economics and Social Justice - Interdependence of Peoples and Nations

Asia, Middle East… and where’s the next manifestation of people’s power? Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Morocco, Libya, and where next? We witnessed recently an unprecedented 'people's power' in the Middle East that had led to the ousting of long-term rulers. Right now, there are still demonstrations and protests in this part of our planet that cause uncertainty and insecurity. Ordinary citizens risk their lives for political and economic changes. 'People's power' was first globally popularized in 1986, in the Philippines where its President was forced to relinquish power.

Cross-cultural couples, children and custody

Roland Buerk's article on children, custody and foreign fathers in Japan, which was recently published by BBC News, is an excellent reminder on the need to address globally administrative and legal issues arising from personal misfortunes and family tragedies.

Tragedy and Development

I had a happy, fulfilling university life living in a dormitory which was situated between a scenic mountain and an enticing sea with clear water above a blue sky. I have positive memories during this period except one afternoon. During the break between Chemistry and Biology classes, a fellow student told me that a farmer who was living nearby had committed suicide because there was nothing he could do to prevent the expansion of our educational institution to his land. I was saddened by this story, particularly thinking of his wife and children, so I mentioned it to whoever wanted to listen and one of them was our campus gardener. Though he couldn't confirm this incident, he revealed distressing stories of farmers who became lowly-paid construction workers and women who abandoned their role as mother and wife to be merchants and professional cooks for students and staff.

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