What a Wonderful World...

I would like my last blog of this year to be something hopeful and positive (although I am not happy at all with the current political situation of Japan).

Here are nice photos of the Christmas Markets in Strasbourg taken by our French friend, Cyril Hazotte. He kindly shares the photos under a Creative Commons license. Cyril has captured the spirit and the charm of the Christkindelsmärik there: all kinds of colorful gifts and ornaments; smells of hot wine, choucroute, and chocolates; all kinds of regional and foreign accents; dazzling lights; and a festive atmosphere.

The Christmas markets in Strasbourg were far nicer and more enchanting than I ever expected. I think they are nice for all ages: magical for kids, romantic for the couples, friendly and welcoming to the tourists and families, and appetizing to their dogs.

Now I am determined to learn to say “Hot wine, please” in German to visit Nuremberg's Christmas markets in the future!

Of course, we can use the title above with heavy sarcasm. For those who are interested to learn about the current Japanese issues, see below, for example:

Demand for the immediate and unconditional release of Associate Prof. Masaki Shimoji:

About what is going on in Fukushima and the IAEA now (in Japanese):

About TPP:
The Pacific Free Trade Anything but Free by Dean Baker

About mainly abandoned animals in Fukushima by Yasusuke Ota (in Japanese):

About Fukushima and other issues by Kiyoshi Kurokawa:

About Fukushima and other issues by Yasumi Iwakami:

Site by Takashi Uesugi:

Debates and news on Japan:

Search Mari Kuraishi:


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