Three frontiers (Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands)

The other day my future sister-in-law took me to the Tripoint where the borders of three countries meet. Somehow, it profoundly struck me as I was born in an island nation without land borders. For our European fellows, though, the line of demarcation between two countries is a quite normal/ordinary thing.

I asked her to take me there again and took some photos. The tripoint reminded me of my poster presentation at the cultural festival (bunkasai) of the high school. There, I raised questions: What if Japan had the land borders? How would it influence our politics, culture, and diplomatic relations?

Perhaps, the definition of protecting country may have been different. It is surely not about buying expensive second-hand military fighters from the US and being a user-friendly American client state. But, it is rather about protecting the lives of the Japanese people, being close, friendly, and diplomatic with other Asian countries, and being an independent American ally.

Bottom left picture - courtesy of Wikimedia Commons - Ahoerstemeier

Location on Google Maps - at 50° 45′ 17″ N, 6° 1′ 15″ E