Super recipes for closing 2020

  • Artistic photo of all the ingredient of the yummy ketchup of the Chef of Hostellerie Stafelter located in Walferdange (Luxembourg)
    30 gr. thinly diced onion
    50 gr. brown sugar
    1 tbsp. tomato concentrate/puree
    600 gr. chopped tomatoes
    100 ml. vegetable broth
    50 ml. pineapple juice
    1 tsp. curry powder
    1 tsp. Espelette pepper
    1 tsp. cider vinegar
    Recipe offered by Hostellerie Stafelter (Luxembourg)
  • Marvelous black-shinny Yule log

First, here is our Michelin chef’s ketchup recipe.

We went to my favorite restaurant in Luxembourg sometime between the first and second lockdown.  We were happiest (at least I am) when we were there.  I said to a waitress, “Super! C’était parfait!  Please give the chef our compliments on the wonderful meal!  I wish I had a recipe for this ketchup.”

Lo and behold, this note of ingredients was given via the waitress woman.  I guess the chef saw all the clean dishes after we ate with gusto.  We cleaned all the serving dishes — clean enough so that they could have returned them to their cupboard directly!

Second one is the recipe from the calendar of our favorite Wittamer (café and patisserie) in Brussels.  I like their calendar, full of photos of sweets.  Especially, December (my birth month) is very nice.  Generally speaking, I find the photos related to December are often dark, gloomy, sad... but this Underwood Yule log is just a marvel!  The original recipe also exists under its French designation as ''Bûche « Sous-Bois »''.

Perhaps, we can cook something for those caretakers (medical doctors, nurses) who worked heroically this year.  We can cook for those who lost their loved ones, those sicken, and those who feel isolated.

So far we have pulled through, by eating well, laughing and walking a lot in this forested country.

Let us move on. Stay healthy!


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